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Drawing Accuracy
All AMD lines plans are computer faired and design drawings are prepared to a high level of accuracy enabling the lifting of plate part shapes directly from the CAD drawings without the need for lofting. In many cases AMD drawings are transferred into the shipyards own ship production software system. AMD has supplied documentation packages to eight different shipyards which have varying design resources and different computer systems. In each case AMD was able to tailor the design package to suit the yards system and design capability.

AMD produces a 3D structural model to ensure structural continuity and/or alignment and to eliminate interference or gaps. Machinery, piping and electrical services can then be added to the structural model, and penetrations added to the structural files.

Scope of Supply
Scope of supply can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the shipyard, however three key packages can be considered.

A pricing package contains a general arrangement, specification, key structural drawings, equipment list and aluminium weight, for initial bidding purposes.

A technical design package provides sufficient information for classification society approval of the design. Shipyards with sufficient design experience can complete the design using this package.

A construction package contains a complete structural detail of the hull down to the last bracket, with almost as much detail for the superstructure. It also includes propulsion system details and schematics for the piping and electrical systems.

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