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Project Reference List

Over the years AMD has been called upon to carry out a wide range of consulting projects. From simple lifting lug design, to the full design of the jet room of a fast car ferry. From one page technical reports, to expert witness appearance in court. From advice on welding machine selection, to complete shipyard design. From vessel resistance estimates, to full tank test programmes resulting in resistance prediction software.

The following is a selection of projects undertaken outside AMD's own design activities. Due to the confidential and/or sensitive nature of most of these projects, the descriptions are brief.

  • Design of a four point launching trolley system for a shipyard with dipping (curved) launching ways, to launch catamarans up to 120m length with a lightship weight of 1250 tonnes. CHINA.
  • Vessel structural damage inspection and repair recommendation. PHILIPINES
  • Expert witness in a case involving the structural damage to a sport fishing vessel. NEW ZEALAND
  • Gear coupling selection for 5,000 kW propulsion system. AUSTRALIA
  • Tank testing and full scale speed prediction of client supplied hull lines. AUSTRALIA
  • Technical Design of fast catamaran structure. EUROPE
  • Act as owners representative to inspect and report on damage to high speed catamaran. SOUTH PACIFIC
  • Expert witness in high speed ferry patent case. EUROPE
  • Tank testing of catamaran foil system with resistance prediction. USA
  • Detail design of jet room structure for a fast catamaran car ferry. EUROPE
  • Design of shipyard for the construction of aluminium fast ferries up to and exceeding 100m. CHINA
  • Expert witness in case involving vibration damage to high speed catamaran EUROPE
  • Redesign and optimisation of high speed ferry aluminium structure, SE ASIA
  • Preliminary design and arrangement of new division of shipyard to specialise in aluminium construction, with particular attention to work flow, equipment and materials handling and storage. SOUTH AMERICA
  • Preliminary design of the aft end structure for high speed monohull fast ferry. EUROPE
  • Expert witness in a case involving government assistance for research and development. AUSTRALIA
  • Investigation into structural implications of high speed ferry displacement increase. EUROPE
  • Inspection of structural overload damage to high speed ferry and recommendations regarding repair procedure. SOUTH AMERICA

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