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Design Documentation Options

AMD can provide designs directly to a vessel operator for competitive tendering, or provide designs to various levels of completion to ship yards. We can also tailor our service and scope of supply to suit the specific shipyard situation.

For the Vessel Operator For a ferry operator acquiring a new vessel, AMD can carry out a preliminary design to suit the operator's particular requirements, and then produce tender drawings and an aluminium weight. This information can be used to obtain competitive pricing from a number of appropriate yards. In this way the operator gets the ferry he wants in a competitive environment. Prices are easy to compare as they are all for the same vessel, rather than for a different vessel from each yard.

For the Ship Yard AMD can tailor the scope of supply to suit the shipyards particular situation and the requirements of the project. Initially a preliminary design at minimal cost is carried out for bidding purposes. When successful in winning a contract, the design is completed to a level appropriate to the shipyards own design capabilities. For a yard relatively new to aluminium construction, a detailed construction package is recommended. If a yard has design capability that would be otherwise idle, this capability can be committed to the project with AMD supervision. A technical design package can be provided, for completion to detail level by the shipyard.

Technology Transfer In some cases a technology transfer arrangement is appropriate. On a license basis, the AMD technology can be made available to the shipyard for construction of standard designs, or, with AMD assistance, for the development of new designs, with the long term goal being shipyard design self sufficiency.


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